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Introducing The uBix Cube Platform, IT Simplified.

Today technology is a necessity and it is a very critical component of your business.

Did you know that after a disaster 40% of data dependent businesses without a disaster recovery plan will never reopen. At uBix Technologies we ensure that your business is prepared for disasters that could disrupt or disable your business. Through the uBix Cube Platform we will have your business up and running with minimal downtime and data loss.

No Geek Speak!

While most IT companies talk to you in acronyms and verbiage that you just don't understand, our solutions are simple, affordable and in plain English. Bottom-line, you just want your stuff fixed and you don't want to spend a lot of time and money.


We offer a complete pay as you go service that provides a secure, managed, worry free, environment, with all the hardware, backup and disaster recovery services so that your business never stops.

Makes Sense!

  • Never buy a server again. We provide you with a FREE on-site server for life.1
  • Never worry about your data again. We verify its integrity and back it up for you.
  • Never worry about support again. We provide UNLIMITED support and maintenance.2

Go inside the Cube to see if uBix is right for your business. Call 1-877-607-5847 and get started today with no contracts and no hidden fees!

1Free on-site server for life as long as you remain an active subscriber.
2Unlimited support and maintenance on the uBix Cube platform only, workstations billed at preferred help desk rates.

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